Sync Songwriter with Chris SD

Sync Songwriter with Chris SD

Hosted by: Chris SD

A podcast to help musicians break into the sync licensing world. Learn how to connect with the right people in licensing and get actionable tips and inspiration on how to get your music into TV & film. Hosted...

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EP5 - What You Need to License Your Music

If there is one thing that can put you over the top when trying to license your music to TV & film, it's earning the trust of music supervisors. I talk about the good and not so good ways of doing that. ____ If...
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EP4 - Tell Me Why You Write Music

We all have our own reasons for writing music and I am really curious to hear yours.  More importantly I wanted you to know what I think is the very best way to get your music out into the world in the biggest way...
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EP3 - Why Your Best Songs Might Fail in Music Licensing

If there is one thing that stops music from getting a sync placement… it’s likely the same thing that will make you quit listening to this podcast I shot for you. Find out why AND what it means for your recordings you...
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EP2 - Biggest Mistakes in Music Licensing

Here is what I think is the biggest mistake musicians make when trying to license their music. I call it the biggest because it is the simplest to avoid and why it can be such a missed opportunity… ____ If you want...
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EP1 - Are You Selling Out for Sync

Do you think you need to change the way you write music to get it into TV & Film? I answer that question here… along with something the manager of the 'Sex Pistols' told me. ____ If you want more tips and ideas...
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