EP9 - My Trick to Handle the Darker Side

Last week I asked you to tell me how you find your muse. Today I would love to know how you handle its dark side. I shot this episode to tell you how I do it...


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Hey, it's Chris, and last week I asked you, “How do you find your muse?” How do you figure out what is going to inspire you to create? 

I got lots of responses back. I was thinking about your answers to this and I thought it would be really interesting to figure out an extension of that question.

And that is, “What do you do about writer's block?” You know, negativity - we're all human, right? We don't all have perfect days. I certainly, even though I'm generally a happy person, I certainly wake up on certain days and I don't feel like doing anything. I'm not motivated, maybe a little bit depressed, just not myself.

And I was really curious to know how you deal with this. 

So my solution to it is maybe atypical, I’m not sure. I'm not one who wants to just go out and try to change things, you know, like I wake up and I'm depressed and I'm like, oh, I gotta flip this really fast and I try to ignore this thing. 

I actually do the opposite. I actually wallow in it. I embrace it, I bring it in tighter, closer to me, and I live that negativity. And I find that by doing that, I sort of get down to the rock bottom of whatever that feeling is, and I sort of sit there at the bottom and I think, “Alright, so this is the way I'm feeling. This sucks, but how am I gonna turn this around?” 

And at some point, I generally say like, “Beep it,” you know, “What's the solution to this? I've got to make things happen,” and I turn it around much quicker by really breathing it and bringing it into myself. 

Now today it just started raining. Today I'm in Santa Cruz as a perfect example, right on cue of what it's like to be out in bad weather in California. So I'm hanging out in California at a family reunion, and it's been foggy and gray and rainy for three days. It's probably gonna be like that tomorrow. And it literally started almost pouring rain right now while I’m shooting this video. 

So, my whole idea is to embrace it. It's to find the beauty and not care, you know, bring it in. I'm getting soaked right now - but just bring the whole thing in and really enjoy what the beauty is of what this is. 

And so I'm really curious to know how you deal with things, how do you handle this? Let me know how you handle the writer's block, the creativity when it's not happening. The maybe slight depression that happens, when your heart and soul are just not in it. How do you deal with that? Love to hear from you. 


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