EP8 - How to Write the Best Songs of Your Life

There is something that I have seen in every great artist I have ever worked with…

It wasn’t just talent.

Or hard work.

It didn’t depend on luck...

It was something specific they did when they weren’t writing songs.

A sort of ritual.

I talk about it in this episode and how it has helped me get songs into TV & film.


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Hey, it's Chris and I'm coming to you from Costa Rica. 

I'm running some rivers here. It's absolutely amazing. I'm with an amazing group. Took a week off to come out into the beautiful jungles of Costa Rica. The river's just down there. You can probably hear it. And we're just hauling in the kayaks to start hitting the white water.

But the bottom line, why I wanted to just take this moment to reach out is that I want to  talk about creativity. 

The reason that I'm here is about… it's about trying to refresh, recharge the batteries. 

As you know, inspiration and creativity are not just patterns in your synapses that create these amazing new inventions we call songs… but anybody who's inspired to do anything creative has to have some sort of muse. They've gotta have some sort of understanding of what is going to create that muse, what is going to actually inspire it, right? 

For me, it's by being out in this. It's by challenging myself on rivers. It's by being around people who are different than me -  learning. 

And for you, it could be anything else. You know, it doesn't matter. It could be like a hot shower that you could have ideas in. It could be going into the city, maybe having a beer on a patio, who knows? 

But find your passion. Find your muse. Find your source of inspiration, because somehow it all comes together and creates this perfect scenario, this perfect environment for things to start to happen.

And if you just figure out what that thing is for you, you will write the greatest songs of your life. 

For me, coming out here is really getting away from the whole bustle of doing what I do with Sync Songwriter and figuring out brand new ways to serve you, to help you, to make things even better. 

How can we increase the number of sync placements we're getting? How can we bring more people in? How can I expand my music supervisor network? 

All of these things are things I've been thinking about on the river kind of tangentially. You know, they're not like pure thoughts that I'm having constantly while I'm on the river. I'm having fun. I'm not thinking about being at home. I'm not thinking about Sync Songwriter even. 

It's the moments in between, in the eddys and the flow of the day that all of these ideas sort of seep in.  Falling asleep at night, listening to the creek nearby or crickets and frogs in the forest and so on. 

So find your muse is all I want to say.

So, I'll see you on the next one when I'm back home, hopefully full of amazing ideas in how to further your music career in sync. 


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