EP7 - Top Way to Upgrade Your Music Career

Do you ever wonder about how to upgrade your music career easily? This is what worked for me the best….


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So, there's this saying that your fate or your financial worth or your success rate or whatever you're trying to do - is the average of the five people you hang out with most.

So, I don't know about you, but I actually looked at my life when I heard this and I started thinking… is that true or not?

And in my case, it was most certainly true.

When I was getting into music production, for example, I tried to work with A-listers. You know, I tried to hang out with producers and engineers who were better than I was. You're learning things from them. You're absorbing things. It’s not just about them telling you, for example, here's how you do something – and you writing it down. I mean, you can get online and you can dig around and find stuff like that.

It's more about the stuff between the lines. It's more about picking up the vibe or watching how they think about certain things or how they handle problems or suggestions they might have as an outsider to your situation. Those things are invaluable.

So, those aren't these empirical things you're gonna write in a notebook. These are things that you just sort of soak in by being around people like that.

But one of the biggest advantages are the opportunities. Opportunities that you wouldn't otherwise have.

So, for example, we just kicked off the new class Art Of The Song Pitch. And my students got a brief today because we were looking for a song for a commercial that pays $100,000 and we did not have anything like that in our boutique library.

So we just reached out to the students. We're not doing that yet with them. Later on we'll be doing that, but we just send it out to them and said, “If you've got a song, this is what we need, and here's the brief.”

So, we got some songs in, we made a playlist, and we saw today that this music supervisor downloaded the whole playlist. That's a great sign. No guarantees. Just wait and see what happens. But the point is that opportunity would never have come around to the students had they not had some sort of connection with the music supervisor - as indirect as it is at this very moment, just starting out.

So, when you're going forward, when you're doing the things that you're gonna do this year, make sure that you try to think about, “Where do I want to go and who are some of the people that are in that circle who I also identify with, that I can form friendships with that, that I can bring something to the table with them.”

Even if it's just your nice smile and some jokes and laughter, who cares what it is? It's you're bringing something that makes them want to hang out with you, and you are gonna have a win-win relationship there, and you're gonna make things happen much faster.

Now, on the other side of the coin, I'm not saying ditch your friends and hang out with a bunch of A-players that you think are gonna help you. Right? That's a little bit elitist, and I'm not suggesting that at all.

I've got lots of friends who are not even in music who I love for different reasons and it has nothing to do with, “How are they gonna help me or how is it gonna serve me?”

The whole idea is that you need, in relationships, you're supposed to be win-win, right? Serving each other.

The same thing if you're a B-player and you're trying to get to a place, you need to bring something to them so you're serving them in some way, where they’re serving you back. So later on, when you look back at your success and think, who were the five people I was hanging out with most during that time, you may be surprised.


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