EP6 - I’m Looking For New Music For TV & Film

I’m looking for new songwriters, producers and composers to connect with my music supervisor friends. If you are interested in being part of this limited group, here is your first step...


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Oh, I'm so excited. Guess what's coming up?

The Sync Songwriter Music Supervisor Panel. It's on January 15th. It is going to be absolutely epic. It's gonna be a game changer.

Every year around this time, I go out and look for new music to send to my music supervisor friends. So this is what the panel's all about.

So let me explain the two reasons that I decided to put this on.

The first one is, for my soul, from my heart, I want to do something for you that is going to really raise you up - get your music out there so that you can understand why sync is such an amazing way to go to make a huge splash.

You get paid for your music in the sync fee, in the backend royalties, you make all these relationships in the sync industry, you get a huge fan base because you've got like, imagine being on a show with millions of eyes and ears, and even if a fraction of them are shazaming your song, imagine the number of people that are downloading your stuff and becoming your new fans.

And then the labels come knocking, the publishing companies come knocking, and you are all of a sudden… you can land in the charts with one good sync placement. That happens more than you'd think.

So this is such an amazing opportunity and I wanted to do something completely free for you (it doesn't cost a cent) to come out, meet these music supervisors.

There's gonna be five of my friends there, and you're gonna learn about:

  • how they think,
  • what kind of music they're looking for,
  • why they love indie music,
  • what are they working on now,
  • and so what kind of songs of yours would work in their projects.

There comes a time in your life when you have to make a move - enough of practicing, enough of learning, enough of trying to upgrade your skills. Yes, those are all great, but they're also a form of procrastination.

I'm not calling you a procrastinator, but you can get lost in the whole idea of like, I'm not ready yet. My songwriting needs to be better. My music production needs to be better. I need to kind of develop, or maybe that's a next year thing.

Time keeps going by. There's never a perfect time for anything like that. I'm sure you know that in your life, you know things that have happened to you in your life. They just happened. You didn't plan everything out. So the trick is taking action, follow your heart, follow your passions.

That's something that I did early on. I was an honor student up till grade seven and grade eight. Looked like I was on the normal track to, you know, just go to college, get a career and be done.

And, I just lost complete faith in the education system. And by the time I hit graduation in high school, I almost didn't graduate. A teacher basically gave me extra marks thinking, Chris, you know, you seem reasonably bright, you might want to go to college, so I'm gonna give you some, some marks and just to pass you.

And I did go to college, but only for a year and a half, and then I dropped out. I knew my path was music - and I followed that.

I followed my heart, I followed my dreams, and I ended up in a ratty old house with a bunch of guys with a jam space in the basement. And, I roofed, part-time and that was dirt broke. But I was happy. I was really happy and I kept working at it, kept following my dreams and everything worked out as it should.

I became an award-winning music producer. I got all these contacts in the sync industry. I've been helping indie artists, like that's my passion and that has worked out amazing, being able to get your music in front of top music supervisors in TV and film.

So I encourage you to do the same. Follow the thing that you know in your heart is your path and it will lead to things. And that is one of the reasons I wanted to do the panel. I want you to come out to be inspired. I want you to come out and really understand what sync is all about.

If it's not for you for some reason, totally cool. It doesn't cost anything, but I'm pretty sure the light bulb's gonna go off if you are not that familiar with it. And you're gonna see the massive, massive advantage of doing that. It's a much easier way to go than building your music career in other ways.

The big thing about sync is it's about relationships. It's about knowing the people who put the music into TV and film.

If you're in a library or you're in an agency or you do these sort of random listening sessions… Or you don't know the supervisor and you know, are they a big supervisor? A small supervisor? It's completely impersonal. It's like playing the lottery, you know.

And there's no diss on those three vehicles. They’re there for a reason and they serve a purpose. The problem is, is you're needle in a haystack. The music supervisor always gets the placement when they go to one of these places and that place gets the sync because they always have a song that this music supervisor picked. But what are the odds that it's your song? That's the problem.

And then, you end up having to pay usually a chunk of dough to whoever it is that's representing your stuff. If you go to the gatekeepers, you keep everything.

So I can't wait to see you at the Sync Songwriter Music Supervisor Panel. And let me know some questions that you might have for the music supervisors. I'm really curious to know what you want to know. I might be able to steer the conversation in the direction to get your question answered, earlier on. And I will see you at the panel.

And remember, it's completely free. It's on me. Come out, just show up. You just gotta log on, show up, and I know that the light bulbs are gonna go off, and it's going to be an absolutely game changing event. Bye-bye.


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